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NMLS# 377609

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Hello Guys!, I would like to tell you a little about myself. Before getting involved in the financial industry, I was a client myself. My loan officer and realtor did such a great job that I told myself I also would like to become a mortgage loan officer and do a great job for my clients. I became a flight attendant and a few years after, a mortgage loan officer. When I am not helping others with their mortgage needs, I fly the friendly skies. Both careers offer me flexibility; I can do both, and neither one affects the other. I fly when I’m not too busy. But when working with a client, my feet are on the ground and I am able to focus on them and their needs from start to finish. I walk them through the process so it is not overwhelming. Buying a home should be an exhilarating experience, right? The answer is YES! I work with all my clients to earn and, importantly, to keep their trust. After all, buying or refinancing a home is a very big decision and a huge responsibility. At closing, when they have the keys in their hand, it is rewarding to see the excitement on their face! That’s when I know I have done a great job!! Thanking you Sincerely David Gomes
NMLS# 1723799
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