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Thank You for Loan Application

Value Client,

My name is Alejandra (Alex) Martinez and I'm delighted to be assigned as your Mortgage Transaction Coordinator during the course of your loan approval and closing process.  My duties are to act as the laison between you, your loan officer and the Processor. I am your first point of contact for any status updates or questions you may have other than discussing your loan program or interest rate. 

I’m here to keep your transaction flowing smoothly and hassle free.  I will contact you periodically with requests and updates. To insure your loan closes on time we ask you to return any requested documentation as soon as possible but not more than 24 hours, if available. The approval and closing process can be a bit challenging and it is important that everyone work together to meet the closing deadlines.  Please be sure to add us to your approved email list.

Click on each link below, then print the document/s.  Description of the documents you are printing are as follows:

1.  Required Loan Doc List
(A list of documents you need for purchasing or refinancing)

2.  Client Questionnaire
(Helps us understand your needs more clearly)

3.  Borrowers Sig Authorization
 (Gives us permission to assist you in financing)

4.  Credit Report Authorization
 (Gives us permission to request your credit and other services)

5.  Letter of Explanations
(A guide for writing explanation letters if required)

For any questions or comments, please free to contact me for assistance.


Alejandra (Alex) Martinez

Mortgage Transaction Coordinator
North American Financial Corp
702.939.2462 direct
702.407.9335 office
702.446.8299 fax